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Good Morning Hong Kong!

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Who knew that I would have the best breakfast I have ever had in a hotel! I certainly didn’t! I stayed at the W hotel in Hong Kong with the rest of my family (not my pets though), and every night we all looked forward to the same thing: breakfast! I wasn’t expecting much, because hotel breakfasts aren’t usually that great, but I could never be more wrong. This was a buffet filling an entire room, with almost everything you can imagine.They had all of my favorite foods (all unhealthy, of course) such as crepes, croissants, cereal, donuts, and much, much, more. They even had noodles and fried turnip cakes! I stuffed myself silly every morning, feeling a bit guilty because I knew that I wouldn’t be hungry for lunch. But it was always worth it, as it is, of course, the best breakfast I have ever had. Below are a couple of pictures I took during breakfast. I’ll probably post a few more once I get better internet connection, because the pictures are taking FOREVER to load. Enjoy!

filled with deliciousness

I have a funny story to go with this picture. My family and I were eating breakfast at the W hotel, and my dad had just picked up an almond croissant. It looked like  a regular almond croissant, but apparently I was wrong. It had a filling! As I was unaware of this, I asked my dad what made it so good, and he replied, “It’s filled with deliciousness!” I found that very funny because my dad doesn’t usually say things like that.

how tropical

This was their juice bar. As you can see, they had a variety of fruit juices, from mango to tomato. The presentation was also quite nice, with glass bottles lined up neatly on the shelves, ready to be taken by a thirsty guest (also known as me).